Do not need App store, do not need jailbreak can install APP mini-installer, now only supports windows system.

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No app store required

No app store to distribute your app, but also allow users to install your app.

Support ios

Support all ios devices (iPhone, iPad ...) and all ios system versions.

No jailbreak

No device jailbreak, you can also install the application.

No Apple ID required

You do not need to have an Apple ID to download.

Support windows system

Currently only supports windows system, please use windows system computer to install.


Convenient and quick, a key to the user's mobile phone.

Small and light, simple and quick

A key installation, you can install your APP to the user's Apple device.

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Only distribute your application!

Only your application here, not as messy as the application market, but do not need to search!

responsive devices

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E-mail: [email protected]             浙ICP備17058049號

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